Bagged Products

general purpose

General Purpose

General Purpose Cement is a cost effective, high quality building material. The level of consistency and versatility of General Purpose cement makes it an ideal choice in virtually all construction applications. General Purpose Cement fully complies with the Australian Standards requirements for Type GP cement described in AS3972: General purpose and blended cements.

Off White Cement

Off-White Cement has revolutionised the development of architectural concrete.  The use of Off-White Cement provides many building and construction applications with aesthetic and decorative opportunities. Off White Cement is ideal for high early strength applications, and provides a lighter colour finish. It conforms to AS3972 Type HE.

off white cement
hydrated lime

Hydrated Lime

Hydrated lime is the result of water added to quicklime under controlled conditions. It can be blended with sand and cement to enhance the workability and bond strength for mortars and renders.

Benefits of Bagged Products

Here are some reasons why bagged products are the perfect choice for your construction and landscaping needs:

  • Cement Bags: The Foundation of Your Projects
    Concrete jungle or serene garden, cement is the cornerstone of it all. Bagged cement is a must-have for any construction project. It allows for precise mixing, reduces waste, and ensures consistent quality. Whether you're building a skyscraper or a garden path, cement bags are your trusted allies in crafting a strong foundation.
  • Clay Bags: Shaping Landscapes and Pottery
    Unleash your creativity with bagged clay. Landscapers and artists alike appreciate the versatility of bagged clay. It can be molded into various shapes, making it perfect for crafting decorative elements like pottery, tiles, and statues. In landscaping, clay helps with soil stabilization and erosion control.
  •  Lime Bags: Balancing Act for Soil
    Achieve the perfect pH balance for your soil with bagged lime. Lime bags are indispensable for maintaining healthy and productive soil. They help adjust soil acidity, promoting optimal conditions for plant growth. Whether you're a farmer or a gardener, lime is your secret weapon for lush, vibrant vegetation.
  • Bagged Products for Convenience
    The convenience of bagged products cannot be overstated. They come in pre-measured, easy-to-handle packages, minimizing the hassle of weighing and measuring materials on-site. This not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of errors during construction or landscaping.
  • Reducing Waste and Environmental Impact
    Using bagged products often results in less waste compared to bulk materials. It reduces the risk of over-pouring or spillage, which can be costly and detrimental to the environment. Additionally, many bagged products are packaged with sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly materials.
  • Storage and Shelf Life
    Bagged products offer a longer shelf life and better storage options than bulk materials. They are sealed to prevent moisture ingress, ensuring the product's integrity over time. This means you can stock up on materials without worrying about them deteriorating before you're ready to use them.

Rapid Set Concrete

Made right here in Australia, Cement Australia's Rapid Set Concrete is specially formulated to harden rapidly, so you can complete a job faster and have more time for other projects. It is highly suitable for fixing fence and non-load bearing pergola posts, clothes hoists and many other non-structural uses.

rapid set
trade mortar

Trade Mortar

Made Right Here in Australia, Cement Australia Trade Mortar is a quality assured pre-blended M4 bricklaying mortar mix conforming to Australian Standards – AS3700. Trade Mortar is suitable for the laying of bricks, masonry blocks, stonework and general-purpose mortar applications. Covers approximately 20 house bricks or 10 masonry blocks per 20kg bag (10mm mortar joint).


Clay is a finely milled, air separated clay used as a plasticiser in mortar and render applications where sands are low in clay content. The product can be used as a general purpose filler.

dry mix

Dry Mix (Concrete Mix)

Concrete Mix is a quality blend of cement, sand and aggregates, designed for small projects around the home or garden. Its versatility allows it to be used for garden edges, mower strips, paths, garden slabs, foundations, footings, posts and uprights for pergolas.

Landscaping Products to Complete Your Garden Project

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