Pre-Mixed Concrete Services for Maitland and the Hunter Valley

Calculate Your Concrete Size

To make your project planning even more convenient, we’ve created a concrete calculator tool. This allows you to easily determine the required concrete slab or footing size, ensuring accurate estimates and efficient ordering. Here are the steps to calculate the concrete slab size for your project in cubic meters:

1. Enter Your Dimensions: Input the length, width, and depth of your concrete slab.

2. Receive Instant Results: Our calculator will instantly provide you with the estimated amount of concrete required for your project in cubic meters.

3. Request a Quote: If you're satisfied with the results, get in touch with our team to request a quote for your specific project, making it easier than ever to get started.

Concrete Slab Calculator

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Concrete Footings Calculator

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A Fleet Designed to Meet Your Needs

Maitland Ready Mixed Concrete has a fleet of 13 Agitator trucks, including minis, six, eight and ten wheeler Concrete Trucks. We also have tipper trucks that can deliver from 1 tonne through to 33 tonnes of product.

We service the Maitland, Hunter Valley, and Newcastle districts, so call our office and speak to our friendly staff with any enquiries you may have.

Get Your Premium Mix Concrete from the Experts

We are here to make your project easier. From the initial point of contact, our friendly staff will take you through what you need and calculate your volume – we will make sure that you receive the very best in customer service.

We will make sure you get the exact quantities you need to complete your project, and we will offer advice regarding the most appropriate mix for your project. Whatever type of concrete you need, let us deliver it to you.


Our Concrete Mixes

Concrete Strengths

Our concrete mixes come in a range of different strengths, including:

  • 20 MPa
  • 25 MPa
  • 32 MPa
  • 40 MPa
  • 50 MPa
Our Exposed Concrete Mixes

Our exposed concrete comes in a range of different mixes and colours, including:

  • Basalt
  • Teralba Blue
  • Pearl Quartz
  • River Gravel
  • Cowra White
Our Concrete Finishes

These can be made up to your exact specification or are available in pre-designed percentages.

  • Block fill
  • Polished concrete
  • Stamp mix
  • Exposed concrete
  • Stencil mix

Reliable Trucks to Get Your Project Started

Our Modern fleet of trucks can reliably deliver any quantity of concrete to your job site. Our fleet comes in many different ranges and sizes, including:

10 Wheeler Concrete Trucks
8 Wheeler Concrete Trucks
6 Wheeler Concrete Trucks
Mini Concrete Trucks

Our team will supply expert advice on which truck you will need based on the quantity you ordered, and your concrete will be delivered in no time to ensure your project is completed by your deadline

With Over 57 Years of Experience, You Can Trust us!

Call our friendly and highly experienced team today to get your concrete, sand, aggregate, and landscaping products.