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Recreate & Reinvigorate Your Garden

Altering your garden can transform your outdoor space from a dull and uninspiring area to a personal oasis where you will spend all of your family time. In Australia, gardens are the areas where most entertainment takes place. Hosting barbeques, family games night, or your average Monday night dinner can be boosted in a well-constructed garden. So, if you're renovating your garden and need landscaping products, here at Maitland Ready Mix Concrete, we have all of the products you will need to reinvent your garden. We have a range of concrete products for both D.I.Y enthusiasts and construction professionals. Our concrete products are manufactured to the highest quality and can serve many building purposes. Our landscaping products are the best solution for building:

  • Burly Blocks
  • Concrete Sleepers
  • Lego Blocks
  • Stepping Stones
  • Step Treads
  • Garden Circles

Concrete Sleepers

Make your garden pop with our concrete sleepers. We have a range of different concrete sleepers that are the perfect addition to any garden space – from timber-like concrete sleepers to normal concrete sleepers; we have it all. No need to worry about termites or white ants anymore; you can apply the wooden look to your garden with our sleepers fashioned from concrete, which adds stability, strength, and impenetrability.

Concrete Sleepers, Oregon, and Stacker Stone profiles are now available. No more worries with white ants, rotting, weathering, and warping. The sleepers contain galvanised reo that stops rusting and prolongs the sleeper's life. This product can be installed quickly, making it ideal for D.I.Y jobs.

Sleepers are stocked and made to order. They come in grey and charcoal with new options, profiles and finishes available. Our timber-like concrete sleepers are perfect for:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Driveway edging
  • Raised garden beds
  • Feature Walls
  • Garden edging
  • Steps & posts

They come in 7 different styles and 3 colours which are natural, charcoal and sandstone.

Call our friendly team today on 02 4932 8222 to learn more about our concrete sleepers.

H & C Beams & Our Types of Concrete Sleepers

We now offer H and C beams installed vertically to hold the sleepers in place for retaining and feature walls. Our concrete sleepers come in various types and colours, including:

  • H Posts
  • C Posts
  • 90 Degree corners
  • 45 Degree corners
  • 100mm series
  • 150 series on request.
H – Section Joiner
C – Section End
90° Corner
45° Corner

Various Uses

If you're pondering their various uses, we also have you covered. Our lego concrete blocks come in many different types and colours, including:

  • Plain off form
  • Slate Brick Grey
  • Slate Brick Charcoal
  • Slate Brick Sandstone
we offer

Burley Blocks

We have worked carefully with engineers to design a product that can be successfully used as a retaining wall of any height with a feature finish – the end result is the Burly Block. Most retaining walls are made out of timber which is susceptible to weathering and rotting. This will cause the retaining wall to weaken and perish.

Burly Blocks are:

  • Reinforced with macrofibres to increase the life and strength of the block
  • Have galvanised lifting hooks for easy handling
  • Tapered to withstand the weight of the material behind it
  • Feature a hollow core allowing for reinforced core filling.

This makes Burly Blocks the best product to construct a retaining wall with; and we can produce Burly Blocks in concrete grey, and the blocks pictured have been coloured by the clients.

Burley Block Uses & Specifications

There are many great uses for our range of burley blocks that are perfect for:

  • Retaining wall
  • Driveway or site boundaries
  • Feature wall
  • Industrial and residential sites
  • Acreages

1200mm Long - 600mm High (Front) 620mm Thick at Base - 570mm Thick at Top (Side) Approx. 615kg

1200mm Long - 300mm High (Front) 595mm Thick at Base - 570mm Thick at Top (Side) Approx. 300kg

Landscaping Products to Complete Your Garden Project

Reinvent your garden with our quality landscaping products. Contact our friendly team to learn more about our great range of products.